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It was October, even if the weather didn't match Tumblr's expectations of the month, and Kathy was getting into the spooky spirit. She'd decorated the living room with some window decals and a small stuffed bat for the cats to play with, there were a chocolate chip cookies baking in the oven and a bowl of ganache cooling on the counter for chocolate monster cookies, and two gallons of apple cider sat in the fridge, waiting to be mulled or spiked with cinnamon-flavored booze.

Now she was sprawled on the couch, playing through her repertoire of songs she'd learned on the guitar, and trying to figure out if she could learn to play Bad Moon Rising before it ceased being relevant. Hmm, maybe she should try to play something off of the Bad Seeds' Murder Ballads instead.
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Kathy sat on her bed, rolling a binyeo in her hands over and over again. On her bedside table was a bowl of seaweed soup and a small rice cake, both of which she'd made herself this morning and neither of which she could bring herself to eat.

It was Sarah's birthday today )

[I liiiive! Open to roommates or visitors, though warning for sad!Kathy today. I can't make any promises for availability--I has surgery yesterday, so I'm liable to fall asleep without warning! Sorry for being least-in-sight recently. Life has been [explosions.gif]]


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