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"Hi there, you've reached the voicemail of Kathy Li. Leave a message and I'll get back to you."

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It was October, even if the weather didn't match Tumblr's expectations of the month, and Kathy was getting into the spooky spirit. She'd decorated the living room with some window decals and a small stuffed bat for the cats to play with, there were a chocolate chip cookies baking in the oven and a bowl of ganache cooling on the counter for chocolate monster cookies, and two gallons of apple cider sat in the fridge, waiting to be mulled or spiked with cinnamon-flavored booze.

Now she was sprawled on the couch, playing through her repertoire of songs she'd learned on the guitar, and trying to figure out if she could learn to play Bad Moon Rising before it ceased being relevant. Hmm, maybe she should try to play something off of the Bad Seeds' Murder Ballads instead.
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Kathy sat on her bed, rolling a binyeo in her hands over and over again. On her bedside table was a bowl of seaweed soup and a small rice cake, both of which she'd made herself this morning and neither of which she could bring herself to eat.

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[I liiiive! Open to roommates or visitors, though warning for sad!Kathy today. I can't make any promises for availability--I has surgery yesterday, so I'm liable to fall asleep without warning! Sorry for being least-in-sight recently. Life has been [explosions.gif]]
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All of Kathy's cleaning yesterday had paid off and the warehouse was much more livable today. All the broken furniture had been tossed, though very little had been moved in to replace it, and everything that could be swept, scrubbed, or tidied had been. Kathy had ended up crashing up in the loft in a nest of pillows and blankets that she'd managed to scrounge from various stores around the island and Ikea. The loft itself was more of an open platform jutting out from a wall than a proper room, so Kathy hadn't even tried to make it resemble a bedroom. If anything, it was a colorful blanket fort with two hammocks strung in the corners. It was truly ridiculous, but she loved it. She'd also destroyed the stairs leading up to loft, replacing it with a knotted rope that dangled from the ceiling all the way to the floor. Eventually, she'd add a ladder and some kind of pulley system to help get other people up, but last night she'd slept more soundly than she had since Mexico, up in the air where nothing could get to her.

This morning had involved a run to JGoB's for frosted cranberry scones slathered with creamy honey-butter and now she was wandering the warehouse, debating how much furniture she'd actually need to replace and where it would all go while waiting for Dante to show up with the hair dye.

Not a bad Monday, overall.

[For the guy mentioned but also open!]
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Okay, her apartment was still kind of sagging and Eliot's house was still destroyed, and as nice as the crew had made up the warehouse they were staying in, Kathy still needed to get out sometimes. Have her own space that she could control. And while she had Dite's, sometimes she just didn't want that space to be filled with silicon dicks and dirty-themed candy.

So, today she was cleaning out the one other place she could sort of lay a claim to: Barry's old warehouse. It would serve as another bolt hole hideout place to stay if she needed it. And a place for Dante to dye her hair tomorrow. And just a good space to have in general.

But it needed a good cleaning; years of neglect followed by her own tantrum after Fandon's singing day had left it in shambles. So, earbuds in and music playing from her phone--no, seriously, where had her ipod gone?!--she was putting in a couple of hours trying to get this place into some kind of shape. A couple of duffel bags were tossed in a corner; a quick run out to the mainland had given her plenty supplies to stash around when she was done.
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She probably should have expected the nightmares. Raven's text had upended her sense of safety; even thought she wasn't on the island now, knowing that her home was gone and all of her supplies were inaccessible had messed with her pretty hard. Sleep had been long in coming, even as exhausted as she'd been, and when it came, it had brought old friends along with it.

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The taste of blood filled her mouth as she struggled up towards consciousness, hitting and kicking and trying to scream but blood, so much blood she was going to choke.

[For the guy with her. Violence and such under the cut.]
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Cozumel was about three thousand miles away from Fandom, so Kathy had no idea that there were storms or sharks about. She was sitting on the white, sandy beaches of Mexico, sipping her...somethingth...glass of sangria and reading reading an e-book series about a half-fairy knight who solved mysteries with her cat-prince lover.

It was better than it sounded, shut up.

Every so often, the waiter assigned to the private beaches would swing by to bring her more glasses of sangria (which was how she's lost count of the number she'd had) and clear away the empties (making it impossible to keep track). He'd appreciated that she spoke to him in Spanish and was polite with her requests and so sometimes also brought bowls of fresh fruit for her to snack on while she lounged in the sun.

Basically, this vacation was the best thing ever and exactly what she'd needed. And she was going to continue to enjoy the peace and relaxation until her phone beeped with a text from Raven.

lukes got trashed in sharkicane. apt probly uninhabitable. finding new shelter will update later


[For the boy, the roomie, or anyone else who wants to call!]
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Catherine Leigh Dollanganger peered at the window to the world outside. The attic of Foxworth Hall felt different and strange, bigger and brighter and airier than she thought she remembered. Maybe the hunger was making her hallucinate? But she must still be in the attic. That was her whole life now, the attic and Christopher and the twins...

Not that she knew where they were right now. She was all alone in this attic; no one had answered her calls or knocks on the inside doors. Were they being punished by Grandmother? Was she being punished by Grandmother? Cathy didn't know anymore. What she did know was that there was a whole wide world outside that window and she was going to steal as many glances out of it as she could to remind herself that there was still a world filled with ballerinas and movie stars and children with loving, living parents who didn't lock them all away.

[Kathy is now Cathy from Flowers in the Attic, that old gem. More trigger warnings here, for child abuse, neglect, and poooossibly incest if I figure out where I'm taking Cathy from. ALL OF MY AUs ARE SUPER HAPPY AND FUNCTIONAL THIS YEAR!]
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Kathy was prepping for Pride over the weekend. Most of the merchandise she was planning for the booth had already been boxed up at the store, but she was folding pamphlets and making bracelets out of embroidery floss and beads that she'd picked up from Hobby Lobby when she'd taken a trip over there to discuss which store was going to hand out the birth control. The bracelets all corresponded with the various Pride flags; it was like an eighth grade craft project up in here.

But it was fun and relaxing and made for nice breaks between constant pamphlet folding while still letting her feel like she was being productive. Win/win.
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So, technically, Kathy's plan was to make tacos for dinner, but no one would know that from the state of the kitchen. She'd decided to make homemade guacamole (because what were tacos other than tasty vehicles for guac?) and now all the taco fixings were kind of pushed off to one side while she finished mashing up the avocados and chopping the cilantro and prepping the other stuff.

And texting Dante, because making tacos was the perfect opportunity for jokes, right? Especially with her shoulder still a little red from Pride?

Looking forward to putting all the tacos into my face tonight, she said, continuing their lazy conversation. No more sausage for me, but tacos are always the way to my...heart.
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Kathy had spent her Memorial Day quietly, going into Baltimore to visit a tattoo parlor to get the ink she'd been mulling over for the past few weeks. Seven hashmarks on her left wrist, a circle with names written in Hangul on her right shoulder where there should have been a scar but wasn't. The feel of needles in her skin had been oddly soothing and she'd left the parlor feeling more settled than she'd entered.

Today she was paying for that a bit, with a bit of residual soreness in both arms (okay, maaaaybe she should have spread them out, but the hashmarks had been so little and quickly over). So she'd skipped her shift at Dite's and was hanging out on the couch, rubbing ointment on her new tattoos and watching TV. Something with an actual plot this time rather than mindless reality shows, so she was pretty sure it counted as improvement.

By...some metric anyway.
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Kathy had been doing some thinking recently, going over the activities that helped her cut through the noise in her brain. All of the ones she'd found so far involved the participation of other people and she needed to find something she could do by herself so she didn't have to keep bothering folks. And that had gotten her to thinking about the almost-reverie she'd slipped into on Dante's motorcycle. That was something she could potentially do for herself...except she'd need a bike of her own.

Or Dante could share his, but ahahahahano.

It wouldn't hurt to start looking for something like that, though, would it? Even if she didn't buy something right away, having an idea in her mind wouldn't hurt. She made her way towards the Causeway and sent a text at the same time. If she were going shopping, she should consult an expert, right?

Hey. U busy?

[For the motorcycle guru and SP]
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Kathy hadn't cooked much since the housewarming party where she'd discovered just how really not okay she was with meat. Heating up leftovers and microwaving pre-made meals didn't really count and yet, here she was trying to make a meal that wasn't too spicy (Anders), or too vegetable-y (Dante), but that she would be okay with eating, too.

In the end, she ended up making a bunch of dough, prepping a bunch of veggies (and fetching some meat from downstairs, though she made the staff prep that), and getting some jars of pasta sauce. First, she made some dim sum to eat as hearty appetizers while they all pitched in for the main course:

Personalized pizzas with a variety of handwavy toppings. Everyone could make what they wanted and nobody was stuck eating anything they didn't. One day, Kathy would like to make a real Korean dinner, complete with banchan and everything, but baby steps. She figured tonight would be better if she just kept everything as simple as possible.

Okay, the dessert of a strawberry-covered chocolate mousse cake hadn't been simple, exactly, but she knew her audience. She figured they'd appreciate that kind of complicated.

Now just to wait for them arrive. Hmm, what paired well with pizza? And also soothing jangling nerves?

Ah right. Dark and stormies. Kathy went to fetch the ginger beer and limes while she waited for the guys to arrive.

[For they what know and up early for SP!]
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So, Anders had graduated and he and Dante were leaving for a two-week trip tomorrow. Kathy felt that was enough of a reason to splurge on a fancy dinner-date, so after putting in a ridiculous order for tapas downstairs (with enough to feed Raven, too, of course), she set about making her room into a romantic little evening hideaway. Her desk with a cloth over it made for a lovely table for two, candles scattered about gave the whole area a nice kind of ambiance, and while a pitcher of sangria wasn't the most romantic drink in the world, it was fruity and delicious and that was really what mattered. She turned her ipod on low and, confident that everything was ready, sent Anders a text:

Hey graduate. Shift almost up? Dinner's ready whenever you are. <3

[For the one named and SP!]
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It was Tuesday. Kathy knew she was supposed to be getting to work sometime this afternoon, doing stock or cleaning or trying to find people to come work for her or any number of countless, pointless projects. She had a routine and routines were important, at least according to what little poking around she'd done on the computer for Helpful tips when you're a basket case. But she couldn't summon the energy to get up off the couch today. Hell, getting out of bed had been a titanic struggle and the only reason she'd managed a shower at all was because she'd sat on the floor of the tub and just let the water run over her for most of it.

It sucked. She'd really thought she was doing better. She'd been okay for a few days there, genuinely happy and smiling and laughing. The kids had been great distractions while they'd been there, but they were gone now, leaving a hole in Kathy's heart and the promise of a future that seemed further away than ever, today. From 'okay' to 'utter distaster' in just twelve hours, only this time she didn't even have the outlet of fighting in Baltimore to try to channel some of this bullshit into. All she had was Hulu and about a million seasons of Hades' Kitchen to get through while she tried very hard not to think about what Saturday had been or her alternate reality daughter with her dead sister's name.

"You're never going to impress him with that mess," she informed the TV from inside her comfy cocoon of blanket. "It looks like you threw up on a plate. Way to just hand the victory to the blue team, ladies, jeez."

[Open, though I'll be off to bed soon.]
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Kathy sat on the hard police bench, right outside the holding cell, an ice pack against her cheek. The holding tank was surprisingly full for a Wednesday night; not only were a bunch of guys from the warehouse there, but so were several drunks, two dealers, and a pickpocket. Once, she would have helped put the people in there--in fact, she recognized one of the dealers and was doing her best not to let him get a good look at her. Now, while she wasn't in the cell itself, it was only because the police didn't think it would be 'appropriate.' They thought she was still underage and Kathy wasn't about to tell them otherwise because right now, technically, she wasn't under arrest. She hadn't been handcuffed, they weren't processing her, and she wasn't even under guard--though there were several cops that occasionally checking over to make sure she was still there and sitting quietly. Nothing that happened tonight was going onto her permanent record--though she'd already gotten several paternalistic lectures on the way to the station and they weren't letting her leave until an 'adult' got here to collect her.

If she'd been thinking straight, she would have given them Raven's number and had her shift into a grumpy old Korean lady to come and fetch her. Then again, if she'd been thinking straight, she wouldn't be here now. Not that she'd been big on thinking straight since she'd been resurrected. Really, the way she'd been going, this outcome had practically been inevitable.

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[Preplayed with the utterly splendid [livejournal.com profile] vdistinctive. NFB, I have all the feels]
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Kathy hadn't meant to lie to Anders when she said that wouldn't be alone tonight. She'd had every intention of going back to the apartment, letting Raven yell at her for that bullshit note she'd left, and then spend the rest of the evening pass by in a Netflix binge, where she'd watch six episodes of a forgettable anime and only drag herself to bed when the sun came up.

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"Nobody knows," she whispered to herself. "Not even you. No one knows who I am...."

[Post is open and musical!]
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Kathy paused outside of Luke's for a moment, composed her expression, and started humming the most cheerful pop song she could think of. Only then did she enter, beelining for the back counter with a chipper wave for the busboy. She'd been out for a run and now she was looking forward to a giant smoothie packed to the brim with fruit. Honestly, she wanted a giant steak topped with another steak, but she still couldn't bring herself to eat meat.

The 'I'm just dandy!' facade broke when she saw Eliot within, replaced by a genuine smile. "Hey," she said, making her way over to him. "What's up? Been awhile since I've seen you."

Her erratic hours hadn't exactly made it easy to slip back into a regular training schedule.

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[Preplayed with the lovely [livejournal.com profile] vdistinctive! FB, but NFI and OOC is love]
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After hanging out with Raven for a few hours that afternoon, Kathy headed into town to get a little more work done at Dite's. She wasn't sure she was actually accomplishing very much, but it at least felt like she was making progress on something and that felt almost as good as her evenings in the warehouse. She'd gone back the night before and it had been just as good as the first time, finally feeling truly alive as she'd dodged and punched and kicked.

Her face had avoided getting any new bruises--and the ones from Wednesday were carefully covered by makeup any time she left her room--but a couple of the body shots she'd taken had her moving a little more carefully than usual. Still, every flare of pain when she moved too fast or bent too far was another note in the sensory orchestra that reminded her that she was still a living girl who dreamed about being a zombie and not a zombie dreaming about being alive. That distinction was important.

She fired off a few texts to Anders in case he was feeling chatty and then set about opening the delivery boxes and getting inventory up on the shelves. In the background, her computer played the Raptor News Network theme. Ever since Dante had told her that Bob Barbas was a demon, she'd been watching his show to get an idea of what he was like.

So far, all she'd gotten was that he would fit right in with Trump and his cronies. Which said a lot about the current administration, didn't it?

[For one, please!]
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Kathy rolled her shoulder; it groaned at the motion but was otherwise fine. Good, she hadn't dislocated it when she'd hit the ground. Hitting the ground had been better than getting hit by her opponent, but concrete was pretty unforgiving.

Fight Club! Ish. )

[NFI, NFB, establishy]


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