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The Pickle Hut was quietly popular; it had a normal crowd and a decent-sized rush around lunch and dinner, but there were definitely parts of the day that diners could head in and have the restaurant to themselves. Nick, having grown up not far away, could practically set his watch by those times. They were his preferred times to eat there, since he was getting to be a well-known agent for a very known firm. And in LA, where an agent went, the paparazzi had learned that stars often followed after. So days when Nick wanted to lunch in relative peace, he headed down to The Pickle Hut during one of those empty time slots and enjoyed the peace and quiet.

Those dead times also came in handy when you were a superhero meeting up with other superheroes to discuss a zombie invasion over delicious burgers and brined foods. It was pretty inevitable that they'd all find themselves here; Nick had introduced Kathy to it a year ago and sometimes their schedules overlapped enough that they'd end up catching a meal together. So when Max had started complaining about needing to eat, they'd both suggested The Pickle Hut in unison. It was close, cheap, and filling; Mona was content to leave them alone to talk with only the occasional interruption for refills; and they had the chance to eat truly addictive pickles and talk about hordes of the undead without being overheard.

The Mighty Dragon (who just as often went by George) and Stealth (who remained Stealth and had yet to be seen unmasked), had elected to stay and talk strategy. Zzzap had flown back to Boston or wherever, and the rest of the heroes were still at their day jobs. That left Kathy, Max, Nick, and Josh to head to the diner and continue to go over the information they'd gathered during the last few days--while enjoying amazing burgers, giant milkshakes, and random pickled sides--including authentic kimchi which delighted Kathy to no end.

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It wasn't raining. It wasn't even overcast or particularly cold. Not that LA usually was any of those things (did smoggy count?), but Kathy still felt like there have been something to mark the day. Since superheroes had started appearing a few years ago, they'd lived kind of a charmed life. Sure, there had been injuries, like Nick's bullet to the shoulder, but they'd never lost anyone before. Maybe never really realized they could.

How much of that had been Regenerator's doing, she wondered.

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[NFI and establishy]
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Sunday night, Kathy and Nikolai had gone to bed a happily--and, uhh, enthusiastically--married couple who had been together for twenty years at that point. They had survived a zombie apocalypse, the death of almost everyone they had known and loved, an old enemy of Nick's who could control the undead, a man who could control minds by use of a code phrase, and a bunch of other really weird stuff in that time. They knew one another in and out, up and down, and there was no question in either of their minds that they belonged together.

This was not true of the Kathy and Nick who would be waking up together. Twenty years and multiple catastrophes younger, they couldn't be called strangers, but they weren't yet entirely friends, either. Allies, was a good word for it, perhaps even partners, on those nights when one or the other of them ended up on the opposite coast and decided to go out for a night of costumed vigilante justice. Even patching Nick up after a bullet wound didn't really prepare either of them for the morning after a weekend like that.

Add that to the already fading memories of said zombie apocalypse and that resulted in a Kathy whose state up mind upon awakening could be summed up as something along the lines of oh god oh god oh god oh god.

Good times.

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Kathy was had been at the prom for maybe half an hour before her phone rang; just enough time for her to have a few conversations and a quick trip to the refreshment table (or four). She was frowning when she felt it vibrating in her clutch, trying to think who it could be. If it was her parents, she decided, she was just going to ignore it and tell them later she was studying.

Imagine her surprise when the name that flashed across her screen was Gorgon. Actually, forget surprise. Imagine her concern.

"Hey," she said, setting her cup of punch on the closest table and ducking for the door. "Gorgon, it's Banzai. Did you mean to call me? Is everything okay?"

[For the caller, please!]
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That morning, under the guise of calling her family to wish them a Happy Lunar New Year, Kathy had asked her sister, Sarah, about all-ages clubs in LA. After Sarah had spent ten minutes explaining that no one over the age of fifteen went to an all-ages club gawd, sis, seriously? Kathy'd asked if she knew about any dance clubs that weren't too keen on looking at IDs. Sarah had been so excited at the idea of her nerdy big sister wanting to go clubbing that she hadn't even questioned why Kathy was looking into places on the other side of the country from where she went to school.

Fortunately for Kathy, Sarah knew just the place. Situated in Hollywood, just a few blocks away from Paramount Pictures, was Club Risqué. It was technically meant to be 21-and-over, but the bouncers were well-known for ignoring IDs in favor of Grants. Or, better yet, Benjamins. While the age limit wasn't enforced, the dress code definitely was: dress to impress only, losers need not apply. There were rumors of the owners being a little shady, but even if that were true, there were no ties with the South Seventeens.

That was good enough for Kathy. After getting back from Selkie Peak with Edward and taking a long shower (a warm one this time!), she made a few more calls to let everyone know that they were good to go tonight.


Coming to LA had been the perfect choice, Kathy decided. Rather than freezing on the walk from their portal to the club and the following wait in line, they got to enjoy temperatures in the mid-50s. Maybe it was appreciation for the lack of shivering, but one of the bouncers noticed them right off and gestured them forward. They even got a break on their entrance fee; for an extra $200 he waved them all inside without even mentioning the need for identification. Once the heavily soundproofed doors were open, they could hear the loud hip-hop/dance-pop playing over the club's speakers. Even without that, the heavy beat was palpable, the floor almost vibrating with it.

A huge bar took up one section of the club, and across from it was the DJ's island. Along the walls were plenty of tables and padded booths for people to sit in, if they wanted to--or more than sit, as they could see when the brightly-colored lights would flash over them, illuminating couples making out like LA had been filled with pollen, too. More bouncers held positions inside the club, scattered in little pockets of isolation, keeping careful watch over the club-goers, occasionally touching their ears to hear information relayed through their headsets. Several doors dotted the walls, leading to the coat-check, a back room area in the bar, bathrooms, and a VIP area, where small 'champagne rooms' could be rented for the hour, or enjoyed by high-profile guests and friends of the owners. The rest of the space was dominated by the dance floor, filled with writhing bodies, while bubbles and even foam occasionally rained down to roars of approval.

"This is it!" Kathy yelled, trying to be heard above the din. So long as they stood close and shouted, they could carry on a conversation. "We ready to dance?"

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Taking a portal back to Fandom was roughly a billion percent better than flying. Rather than getting to the airport several hours early, followed by a long flight in recycled air, indubitably sitting in front of a small child that squalled and kicked and next to a large man who thoughtlessly encroached on her space, Kathy could make her way to wherever the portal was scheduled to open with only minutes to spare, and then boom! She'd step through and be in Fandom. Okay, actually she'd step through, have a few weird layovers and pitstops, and then, boom! Fandom, but it was still better than flying. A layover in the Dimension of Blue was infinitely more interesting than a layover in Cleveland.

On a whim, she'd scheduled her portal to open not far from the diner that Gorgon had introduced her to over Thanksgiving break. It wasn't much to look at, everything scrupulously clean but rather faded and worn. More than one of the booths had rips covered by duct tape, the air always smelled heavily of brine, and the colors and decor looked like they hadn't been updated since the seventies. Between that and the giant neon pickle outside, most people gave the Pickle Hut a pass. Kathy couldn't say she wouldn't have done the same if she had seen it under other circumstances. But the people who judged this book by its cover were seriously missing out on some of the best food in the city. Certainly on the best kimchi Kathy had ever tasted outside of Koreatown.

The Pickle Hut specialized in all things pickled. They had a whole separate menu for different kinds of pickles to try, including a pickle sampler platter and another featuring different kinds of pickled vegetables from all around the world. Pickled eggs, pickled beets, pickled jalapenos, pickled mango sauerkraut...if it could be pickled, it was probably on the menu, somewhere. Even pickled herring, which Kathy was working up her courage to try. Their main menu featured traditional diner food, especially burgers (that often featured pickled whatevers) and milkshakes (that generally didn't, though they did offer a pickle-flavored shake for the daring), both of which were always oversized, really thick, and amazingly good.

If Kathy hadn't spent most nights flitting around the rooftops of Koreatown at an easy jog of thirty miles per hour, she'd probably have to start worrying about how many burgers she'd eaten this trip. And since she had plenty of time before her portal was scheduled to arrive, Kathy had ensconced herself in a booth and ordered a lunchtime special with extra fries and an monster-sized oreo cookie shake.

This was way, way, way better than airport food.

[For the other LA native and open for phone calls]
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It had been a very long and very tiring weekend for the little klipspringer that was actually a girl. There had been the necessary kicking anytime she'd been called a goat and the fretting every time her oddly-shaped MateProtector had gone out of sight. The time he'd been hidden behind the Great SquareWood the hid the place of BrightLightLotsWater had been quite distressing. Oh! And bouncing, of course. The bouncing was very important! And then she'd had to protect him when the creature with the weird headfur had been taken by predators--really, it was a lot for one little klipspringer to do.

Taking care of her MateProtector was definitely the hardest part of her weekend. He seemed to have no survival instincts at all. He kept trying to wander off without her, he blocked his eyes so he could not see, and he never kept lookout, even when she was eating! They had even fought the night before about when it was time to sleep. He didn't seem to understand that once the DayBright went away, it was time to sleep. After an intense argument where she'd had to headbutt him several times to get him to listen to reason, she had eventually 'persuaded' him to lay down. In addition to being dumb, her MateProtector lacked horns, which made it easier for her to win their arguments. He refused to sleep, preferring to watch the BrightSquare, but at least he was still enough to let her sleep. Except for those times when the BrightSquare would make loud enough noises to startle her awake and bounce away looking for predators.

MateProtector sometimes made loud noises at her when she did that. The klipspringer did not understand why. Was he trying to bring the predators to them? Each time, once she'd ascertained that they were safe and nothing was trying to kill them, she would return to her place on his chest and fall back asleep, privately resolving not to mourn too much if his idiocy got him eaten by an eagle or something.

At some point after the BrightSquare had gone off and the DayBright had risen, the Fandom's whimsy had released it's hold on the little klipspringer, returning her to back to her normal self. Sleep held Kathy too tightly for her to be aware of shift in form. She stayed comfortably tucked on Nikolai's chest with her head pillowed on his shoulder, a little colder now that her fur had turned back to skin, but too deep in dreams to really notice.

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Kathy--err, well, Banzai now, she was in costume--still wasn't quite sure how this had happened. She was on a date, with a guy that she'd talked to exactly once, and while their date had begun with the traditional nice dinner in town, their main activity was definitely not going to be found in any traditional dating guide.

Well, that might not be entirely true. If Fandom ever published a dating guide, superheroing in Baltimore would probably rate pretty highly on the 'things to do with your date' list.

"So, this is pretty much the start of my beat," she explained, tightening her mask. "I like to start up here. It's the tallest building in the area and--I don't have to explain why I like the high ground to you, right." The guy who could fly around likely understood why she liked starting off high up, yes. "I'd ask if you had any questions before we started, but I'm pretty sure you've been doing this for longer than I have. Ready?"

[NFB for Baltimore, but open to anyone likely to be wandering around Baltimore. Come crash the date! It's a new Fandom tradition (h/t [livejournal.com profile] notaweenie)]


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