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After class, Kathy and Anders has decided to head up to her dorm and hang out for awhile. There were a number of movies that Kathy needed to show him before she left for college to get him caught up on her random pop cultural references.

Today, Kathy was thinking about showing him Monty Python and the Holy Grail. It was both a classic and the humor was absurdist enough (and not wholly dependent on culture) that hopefully it would translate.

And, hey, if they happened to get some quality snuggling in during the film, so much the better, huh?

The best laid plots of mice and men... )

[Preplayed with the wonderful [livejournal.com profile] soniaroadsqueen, [livejournal.com profile] not_every_mage, and [livejournal.com profile] rhymeswithtable, and awesomely coded up by [livejournal.com profile] that_oldsaying. Happens after this and at roughly the same time as this.]
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Coming back from Cyseal, the last thing Kathy expected was to get ready to turn around and go again. But she was sorting her laundry to run a load or two when her phone rang again. That wasn't entirely unexpected, but the name that showed up on her caller ID certainly was.


She'd barely talked to Nikolai since he'd moved back to LA, though they occasionally bumped into one another in LA when she patrolled. Certainly not enough for him to call her on a random Sunday evening.

"Hello?" she asked, putting her phone up to her ear. "Gorgon? Is everything okay?"

The Phone Call )

[Many thanks to [livejournal.com profile] furnaceface for letting me borrow NPC!Gorgon. Open for visitors before she leaves. Link to Anders'.]
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Kathy was hunched over her computer, muttering to herself. "Raven, what the hell? Don't wander off! No, get back--Dante, how do you have dysentery? Again?! No, I am not stopping this car, there are too many--Dammit, Ringo, how did you break your arm?! Were you AT-ing during the zom--DANTE YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO DIE, YOU JERK! Anders, you're a goddamn magic-user, heal somebody! OH MY GOD, DON'T MAKE ME TURN THIS CAR AROUND AND DRIVE BACK TO THE NUKES, SO HELP ME!" A moment of quiet and then, "Hey! Somebody stole my last battery!"

Someone had discovered Organ Trail on Facebook. And had foolishly decided to play using the names of her friends. And had nearly decided to give up on this carful of people and try again. Surely Kira and Ezra would be more sensible during the zombie apocalypse.

"Raven! I said not to wander off! Great! Now you're dead and I have to start over!" Kathy didn't believe in leaving anyone behind. Even in the pixelated apocalypse.

[Open! Link to the conversation with Dante]
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Kathy adored Christmas, a fact that likely surprised no one on the island. She also really, really enjoyed getting ready for Christmas--the baking, the decorating, the shopping, even the wrapping. This year, she'd pulled out all the stops, even going so far as to hunt down a real live tree small enough to bring back to the dorms and put up. She'd never had a real tree before; her mother not a fan of the idea of needles falling on the carpet and her father declaring that the pine smell made him sneeze. But this year, in her room, she was going to have a real tree, even if it was only about as tall as she was and almost as thin.

...In retrospect, she probably should have asked Raven if it were okay for her to get a tree, but she'd seen it while out Christmas shopping and had been too excited by the idea of having a real tree that she'd just splurged.

If having a tree wasn't exciting enough, there had been a large package waiting for her in the lobby; a present wrapped specifically in birthday-themed paper (with Do not open till Tuesday, nerd! scrawled in black sharpie on the side). She knew she's have an extra present or two under the plastic tree back home from her parents as a nod to her birthday, but Sarah always made it a point to keep Kathy's birthday and Christmas presents separate. She had the best little sister, she really did.

So now, tree safely ensconced in their room (and lugging a tree across the island and up five flights of stairs had been a workout, she'd earned this damn tree), Kathy was blaring Christmas carols, singing along while she strung up lights and other decorations around the room. Her gift was still on the bed, next to a small pile of presents she'd bought and wrapped for her friends. Those would be going under the tree as soon as she finished decorating that.

Yeah, it was final's week, with random mistletoe flying about and no chance for snow for her last Christmas on the East Coast, but none of that mattered now. It was still Christmas.
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If anyone asked Kathy how she was dealing with the events of Monday's little destination adventure, she'd tell them she was doing just fine, thank you. She'd had her crying, she'd had a good talk, she'd drowned her brain out with purely physical pleasure for a bit, and now she was much better. The only lasting consequence of Monday was her new inability to walk past a certain empty room on the fifth floor without blushing a little bit. Everything was fine.

Granted, she hadn't gone out and patrolled as Banzai even once yet this week. And she was spending hours at the gym and in the salle, weight-training and working on the moves Eliot had been drilling into her for several months now. Oh, and she wasn't sleeping well at all, even with how exhausted she was. But those weren't related, either to one another or to Monday. They just...were. She was just adjusting after a week away. Or the change in seasons and the darkening days were messing with her natural rhythms. Or it was stress over college applications. Kathy had a hundred different excuses she could apply to the situation--or would if there were a situation.

Which there wasn't.

Because she was fine.

Take today for instance. She had dubstep blaring wile she did set after set after set of pushups. Beneath her on the floor was her Italian textbook; she was memorizing verb conjugation with every rep. On her bed were several dresses so she could figure out what to wear for the dance this weekend in between sets. In all, a completely normal day with nothing at all amiss.

See? Kathy was fine.
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After classes got out, Kathy returned to her dorm to make sure it--and she--were ready for her parents' arrival. She'd been obsessively cleaning it all week; Raven had caught her dusting the walls and the ceiling fixtures once, but every time Kathy turned around, she spotted something that wouldn't meet her parents' high standards. Her blanket wasn't straight enough. Her desk wasn't tidy enough. Her mini-fridge wasn't clean enough and was filled with treats that her mother wouldn't approve of. Kathy had never had to worry about her weight, even before her metabolism had ramped up to eleven, but her mother believed that a girl was never too young to start worrying over her figure.

Granted, Sarah was the one who had a figure to worry over, but that was neither here nor there.

Once Kathy had done everything she could to make sure her room would past muster, she sat down and started working on herself. Out came the earrings in her helix, leaving only a small pair of studs in her lobes. Off came the makeup--her mother would complain that she wasn't 'doing enough' to be pretty, but that was easier to deal with than worrying about whether it was subtle enough for her dad's approval. The tiny pair of shorts she was wearing got hung up in the back of her closet, behind the few clothes she'd kept from LA, and came a long skirt that fell below her knees and a collared shirt that wouldn't have looked out of place as a uniform from her old school.

Feeling like she'd shed the last two years of personality development, Kathy examined herself in the mirror. Hmm. Were her ends too ragged? Maybe she should have taken up the offer of a haircut yesterday.

[For me, but also open!]
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Kathy studied herself in the mirror, frowning slightly. She had done a lot of stuff as Banzai, but trying to infiltrate the mafia in disguise was a whole new level of scary. If she messed up, the Ukrainians would know a lot more about her than she really wanted them too--like what she looked like, as just one exciting example. But this was an opportunity she couldn't pass up; they were recruiting locals under the guise of a motorcycle drag race, with the top performers invited to a very exclusive party--so exclusive that no matter how hard she tried, Kathy couldn't get the location. Over the past year, she'd managed to create a decent circle of street-level informants and yet no one could tell her anything besides what was 'public' knowledge: an illegal drag race, with plenty of money to be made from betting, and an excellent afterparty for the winners. That was it.

It was all very frustrating as hell.

Even the race itself was frustrating. If it had at least been a drag race with cars, Kathy might have been able to put her Driver's Ed experience into play...somehow. She was still lacking a car, but she would have at least known how to race. Ish. Maybe. But this was a motorcycle race, and Kathy had one hour of experience driving one of those from several years ago. That would get her exactly nowhere. If she had more time, she might even have been able to appeal to Parker or Eliot for help, but she'd just gotten the message that everything was going down tonight.

Kathy didn't often swear, but this whole situation deserved quite a hearty "God dammit!"

Her current plan was to dress like a biker bunny, head to where the race was going to take place, and hope to insinuate herself in the group that got brought to the party. Yeah, she could foresee no problems with that, sure.

At least she looked the part? Hopefully? )

[Primarily for one, but open to the roomie beforehand if she so chooses. Everything that happens after they leave the island is NFB for distance.]
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Today had been declared a lazy day. Kathy didn't have them often, but even she needed some downtime occasionally. Other than going to take a shower--after which she'd changed right back into a pair of pajamas--she hadn't left the room. Right now she was sprawled across her bed watching Netflix on her laptop because going all the way to the common room was just too far. Eventually she'd end up getting hungry enough that snacks would no longer suffice and she'd have to figure out a food plan, which would probably involve pants, ugh, but she was determined to get as much lounging in as possible before that.

Overall, this was a pretty good day. Maybe she should be lazy more often.

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So, ever since talking it over with Ringo, like, a month ago, Kathy had been toying with the idea of hosting a slumber party. The problem was--she'd never been to one and had no idea how they were supposed to actually work. Should she have it in her room or stake out one of the common rooms? Invite specific people or open it to everyone? Plan activities or just let everyone do what they wanted? She was keeping track of ideas in a notebook, but right now all she had was Food? Yes. Lots of it.

Not helpful.

In a moment of desperation, she'd even gone trawling the net for ideas, but every website she found with ideas had been for little kids, complete with Disney Princess theme decorations and Mattel board games. Everybody probably figured that by the time you were seventeen you already had this kind of thing figured out.

Okay, next idea: try to find examples of sitcoms that featured slumber parties and watch those episodes and hope something clicked? Ooooor give up? That was always an option, too.

It probably said a lot about her that running around the rooftops of Baltimore tackling muggers and drug dealers was easier than planning a small social gathering.

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After her shopping trip with Alluka, Kathy had returned to her room to relax a little before dinner and patrol that night in Baltimore. Sprawling out on her bed, Kathy opened her laptop, figuring she'd play a few rounds of 'Can I Avoid Spoilers on Tumblr?' Look, you had your games of skill and chance and so did she.

But before she had a chance to pull up her dash, she saw she had a new email--from sat.collegboard.org. Which, you know, was fairly disturbing. Kathy hadn't heard of anyone ever getting correspondence from the organization behind the SATs before.

To Whom It May Concern,

You are receiving this email because you have signed up for at least one SAT II test to be administered Wednesday, May 6th, at 8am. Regretfully, the building will be getting fumigated at that time. As this poses a potential health hazard for both the students and the test proctors, your exam date has been moved to MONDAY, May 11TH at EIGHT O'CLOCK AM. If this time is inconvenient for you, please contact the SAT prep board to request a different test date.


SAT Collegeboard and Trustees

Really? Really? Kathy covered her head with her arms and groaned. Ugh. She just wanted all of her tests to be over, not pushed back to give her longer to dead them! At least she wouldn't be missing classes for them this week, but still.

She couldn't wait for June and all of these stupid standardized tests to be OVER. At least until November.

[door and post open]
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So...prom was tomorrow. And almost the entire contents of Kathy's wardrobe was strewn about her side of the room, as she tried to find something--anything--that she could wear and still look Ms. Adler in the eye if she were there to chaperone. Even knowing that most of this stuff hadn't started off as her wouldn't make up for actually wearing it. In public. Where people could see.

She knew she ought to be more grateful. Most of the clothes in her closet came from her neighbors who had wanted to make sure that she'd have plenty of clothing when she went away to school. And nobody in her neighborhood was rich, so handmedowns were the best most people could do. But...still... There was a reason that sometimes she dressed like someone out of the late seventies. It wasn't her aesthetic. It was just what was in her closet, especially when it had been awhile since she'd done laundry.

But even sternly reminding herself to be grateful wasn't helping her prom dilemma any. Not when she was staring at someone's weird obsession with short skirts and detachable trains. In various colors. Because that was a thing she needed, yes.

She should have taken Ms. Adler up on her offer of ordering a gown from class on Tuesday. Or maybe she should just try fashioning something out of her curtains and a flat sheet. It couldn't be any worse than some of her other options, after all.

Dammit, she really missed Minako. Between her and Sparkle, they could have salvaged something out of this wreck of fabric. And even if they couldn't...well, she still missed Minako.

Ah well. Once more into the sartorial mines. Maybe she'd missed something? No not that.

[Mostly silliness, because Kathy's PB wears some FUCKING RIDICULOUS CLOTHING. Either way, open door, open post! And a link to Hanna's conversation. DAMMIT, LJ!]
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Kathy was not having a great day. Someone had decided to spread ugly rumors about her. The first message had just confused her. The second had irked her. But then the third and fourth had come in and everything started to make a kind of sick and twisted sense. She'd seen it before; someone would decide that they hated someone else and then go around telling lies and insults to tear them down. The same kind of thing had happened all the time in her old school in LA.

She just hadn't thought that the same thing would happen in Fandom.

On the plus side, this was the first time since she'd gotten her mirror that Kathy was yanking on her rainbow-accented gi and planning to head out into Baltimore. She needed an outlet for all her aggravation, dammit.

[Establishy, just because all the messages so far fit perfectly together, but open if anyone wants to stop by before she leaves.]
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Kathy had no idea why she hadn't yet brought the pen to Mr. Gaunt. She'd had it for hours now--hadn't she? Time was starting to get all blurry and disjointed. She knew she'd gotten the pen during the daytime and it was evening now, but she thought she remembered it getting dark sometime in there. Or maybe that had been a different day? Without eating or sleeping or classes to help her keep track, Kathy's grasp of, well, everything had gotten shaky.

Oh. Right. Eating. She should do that. She just hadn't been all that hungry lately. Even without the mirror, it seemed like too much effort. Heck, just refilling her water bottle had almost been too much and every time she took a sip, she had to fight down the urge to retch.

But the important thing, in fact the most important of things, was that she still had Minako's pen, rather than having brought it to Needful Things and giving it to its rightful owner. And she couldn't figure out why. Mr. Gaunt needed help! Her mirror had woken up long enough to tell her that. She was a hero, she had to help him. More than that--she wanted the mirror to work again. She needed the mirror to work again. Mr. Gaunt was trusting her to deliver the pen!

...Just like Minako had trusted her to be a good friend.

Maybe she needed to think about this a little more.

Read more... )
[To be continued in the comments. Preplayed with the amazing [livejournal.com profile] beautifulsenshi. All mentions of past lives, Sailor Senshi, and the pen's magic powers NFB.]
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Kathy sat in the dark, the small circle of light from her desk lamp providing any illumination at all. It was, of course, trained on the mirror, as it had been since Thursday night, once Kathy realized that the daylight had faded enough to make it difficult to see the images that her mirror was showing her. She hadn't eaten since she'd found half a container of Tic Tacs in a drawer Friday evening. She hadn't drunk anything since she finished the contents of her water bottle yesterday afternoon. She hadn't slept in--well, who was keeping track of that? Kathy wasn't.

It's like pollen week all over again )

She wasn't hungry, even though her shirt was falling over gaunt shoulders too thin to keep the straps up. She wasn't thirsty, even though her mouth was dry and her lips were cracked. She wasn't tired, for all that the circles under her eyes were dark enough to look like bruises. Instead, with lips that tore and bled from the movement, Kathy was grinning in the dark.

Hours later, though, that smile stopped abruptly--the same time her mirror went dark. "What?" Kathy reached for her mirror with hands that shook. "No," she whimpered. "Please, don't! Please!" Was something wrong? Did she somehow break it? How was she supposed to know what was going to happen to her if she couldn't watch in the mirror?

She needed to talk to Mr. Gaunt. She needed to know what had happened. She needed to get to Needful Things.

[Mirror cut text is NFB, please! Many thanks to [livejournal.com profile] theheadkid, [livejournal.com profile] not_every_mage, [livejournal.com profile] smilestopscars, and [livejournal.com profile] gunslingerpose for letting my mod their boys for sexy illusory funtimes. PG-13 rating for material under the cut.]
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Mirror, mirror on the desk... )

Since getting back to her room after class yesterday, Kathy had barely moved from her spot at her desk. Her schoolwork and test prep had all been shoved off to the side to make room for the mirror she'd gotten at Needful Things. She'd fallen asleep at her desk last night and hadn't given a single thought to getting up today. Somewhere, distantly, she knew she should probably be hungry and thirsty, that it had been something like thirty hours since the last time she'd eaten, but it was hard to be really concerned about that. Not when her mirror had new and amazing things to show her. At any time, it could fog up again to show her something new! She could grab a bite to eat or take a shower anytime. This was far more important.

[mostly establishy, but could be open. Mirror-vision NFB, please!]
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Kathy was trying to finish five more problem sets before evening; she had plans to go to the arcade with Travis and that was a lot more fun than studying for the SATs or the AP exams that were cluttering up her calendar. For the sixth time, she looked down at the page of her text book and tried to focus on the chemicals and symbols that made up the assignment. And for the sixth time, she drew a blank, unable to remember a single compound the minute she took her eyes away.

Ugh. Studying felt like such a waste of a gorgeous afternoon. Why'd she sign up for so many extra stupid classes anyway?

[Open, though Sparkle's thread comes last.]
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Funny enough, but Kathy felt great. She'd woken up this morning still exhausted after the events of last night, but without the overbearing pressure of wantwantwant in her system. So, she was left with just the normal amounts, because even without pollen, she was a seventeen year old girl on an island filled with way too many pretty people. But she was used to that already and could ignore it at will.

There were a pile of books and homework for her extra classes that she hadn't even looked at this week, but Kathy was too tired to even think about working on them. She'd get caught up next week, on break. For now, she was going to do some yoga and continue texting her sister, who'd heard of some of the stuff that had gone down in LA last night.

OMG!!!! U kno that club i told u abt ysterday? The all ages 1? It totes got raided last nite!

Raided? For what? Kathy sent, switching positions so she could text and stretch at the same time.

Weapons bust or whatevs. Ur gunna have 2 find a new club, srry. They r soooooo closed.

Kathy grinned. Even if Club Risqué had been able to stay open, she never would have gone back. But she wasn't going to tell her little sister that. For one thing, Sarah did NOT need to know about portals. Guess so. Keep an ear out, okay? And I'll see if I can't talk to Sparkle about getting me a fake so it doesn't matter whether they check or not.

My lame sis gettin a fake?!? Omg, u r cool! Tell Flick i'm sorry i doubted him! U'll have 2 buy me wine coolers w/it or somethin!


Loser. I'll tell mom & dad!

And I'll tell Flick you're a tattletale! Kathy laughed and shifted into an inverted split. Any superhero gossip I should know about

That biker-goggle guy was at the bust last nite! O the Immortal has a new name. Goes by Generator or somethin now. There's some creepy monster in venice beach but no1 knos if he's a good guy or a bad guy...

[Establishy but open!]
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After her last final, Kathy had marched straight back to her dorm to spend the rest of the day catching up with her AP classes. Being an undercover superhero in Baltimore was more of a timesuck than she'd thought possible and so Kathy had let a few things...slip. Nothing too bad or too far, but the end of the semester was coming up and she had a lot to do to be ready. She owed five essays for AP US History and AP English Lit, a few lab reports for AP Physics and Bio, a vocabulary quiz for Advanced Spanish and about four pages of calculus problems. Not to mention they all had midterms that were due before the end of next week.

By the time evening fell, Kathy had finished up all three of Lit essays, two of her lab reports, and her Spanish quiz. Deciding that much work totally deserved a break, she'd ran into town to pick up the largest cup of coffee the Perk could legally sell her and more healthy snacks to keep her blood sugar up and her brain focused. She'd been all set to return to her room when she'd made the mistake of stopping by the post office to get a few more holiday stamps for her Christmas cards. Because that's when she'd discovered a package had arrived for her, covered in bright wrapping paper, accompanied by a card from her sister.

I don't know how long this'll take to get to you, so I'm sending it early to make sure it gets to you before the big day. And, hey, if it shows up early, that means you'll have more time to enjoy it, right? Also, you'll notice your present has birthday wrapping paper, not Christmas. You're welcome.

Happy (probably early) Birthday! Can't wait for you to come home so Mom & Dad have someone else to nag!

Love, Sarah

Back in her room, Kathy nearly groaned aloud when she read the card. Judging by the shape of the package, Sarah had gotten her a new video game. Which meant there was any one of the five or so new releases that she was really, really, really looking forward to playing. And it was the last day of classes and her finals were all done for the semester... It would be so easy just to open her birthday present and spend a few hours happily puttering around on her computer.

But, no. She couldn't. Mr. Lyman has just told her that he thought she had the potential to get into Stanford. Stanford, ranked fourth nationally and the highest-rated university on the West Coast. She couldn't afford to spend all of tonight (and the rest of the weekend, let's be real) playing a video game instead of getting her work done. Reluctantly, she set her present down on her bed and turned back to her desk. The gift remained wrapped; Kathy was pretty sure that if she saw which game it was, she wouldn't be able to deny the temptation to play.

Just a few more essays, lab reports, and pages of calculus homework to go. And then she could start her take-home exams. And once they were all finished, only then would she open her gift and start playing.

So hopefully by her actual birthday, yeah. Ugh, temptation was the worst.

[Open, if anyone wants, though I will be slow because I get to play my video games. Nyaaah, Kathy]
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After class, Kathy and Minako made their way back to Kathy's dorm. Minako immediately resumed the one-sided war she'd declared against the knotted rope that Kathy had bought for her, while Kathy...gingerly sat down on the bed, rather than flinging herself like she wanted to. She was in no shape to go throwing herself around. Bruises everywhere. A cast on her arm. Ribs that still ached a little bit after being taped.

"Stupid, stupid, stupid," she mumbled. "How is anyone supposed to take me seriously--how am I supposed to take me seriously--if I end up out of commission after any fight with someone with powers?"

She turned to Minako, who was too busy defeating her opponent to indulge Kathy's mood. That was fine. Kathy could keep talking to her anyway. "I didn't just lose, girl. I didn't even have a chance against that guy. I'm not like Isabelle who could fight Chase and win. I'm not like Barry who can MacGyver a weapon out of three thumbtacks and a shoelace. I'm not like Gorgon, who just just glare at someone and have them go down cold. Being fast and bouncy does not a superhero make. So where does that leave me, huh? What am I?"

Minako looked up from the frayed rope and gave Kathy a disapproving look and barked at her. Unimpressed puppy was unimpressed.

"What's that, girl? Did Timmy fall down the well?" Minako barked again. That was not what she was saying, Kathy, and you knew it. "Fine, fine," Kathy said, laughing. "Are you saying that--

I'm a survivor (What?)
I'm not gon give up (What?)
I'm not gon stop (What?)
I'm gon work harder (What?)
I'm a survivor (What?)
I'm gonna make it (What?)
I will survive (What?)
Keep on survivin' (What?)

Minako's look was exceptionally smug for a puppy. Honestly, Kathy hadn't realized that dogs could look smug, but there Minako was, proving her wrong.

But it didn't matter, because she wasn't done, apparently.

"After of all of the darkness and sadness
Soon comes happiness
If I surround my self with positive things
I'll gain prosperity

Oh god, was she telling herself to stay positive in song? This was ridiculous. Entirely ridiculous. She would have said so, but the island decided she needed one last reminder.

"I'm a survivor (What?)
I'm not gon give up (What?)
I'm not gon stop (What?)
I'm gon work harder (What?)
I'm a survivor (What?)
I'm gonna make it (What?)
I will survive (What?)
Keep on survivin' (What?)

[For the puppy first, and then open!]
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Kathy hadn't intended to spend the evening grumpy. She had intended to get a more studying in; her AP classes were a lot more grueling than anything Fandom could come up with and she didn't have any dedicated class time to work on them. But after two hours of staring at Calculus problems and Spanish vocab, Kathy had decided she needed a break. She took Minako out for a walk (and fortunately, she hadn't wanted to stay out in the chill any longer than Kathy had!), and stopped in a common room long enough to boil some water for tea, but when she got back to her room, she found herself pulling up Tumblr on her laptop rather than settling back with a text book.

It's okay, she rationalized to herself. I'll just spend a few minutes catching up on my dash and then I'll get back to work.

An hour later, Kathy was typing VERY ANGRILY at some ass over racist Halloween costumes and the sexual fetishization of young girls in general and young Asian girls in particular. "Don't you even tell me that it's 'just a preference', you neck-bearded, mouth-breathing, spunk-stain!" Kathy snapped aloud. "You've been culturally conditioned to believe that we're all docile, pretty, and doll-like, who want nothing more than to cater to your every puerile, colonial fantasy!"

Yeah, there wasn't going to be any more studying done tonight.

[For one, please!]


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