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All of Kathy's cleaning yesterday had paid off and the warehouse was much more livable today. All the broken furniture had been tossed, though very little had been moved in to replace it, and everything that could be swept, scrubbed, or tidied had been. Kathy had ended up crashing up in the loft in a nest of pillows and blankets that she'd managed to scrounge from various stores around the island and Ikea. The loft itself was more of an open platform jutting out from a wall than a proper room, so Kathy hadn't even tried to make it resemble a bedroom. If anything, it was a colorful blanket fort with two hammocks strung in the corners. It was truly ridiculous, but she loved it. She'd also destroyed the stairs leading up to loft, replacing it with a knotted rope that dangled from the ceiling all the way to the floor. Eventually, she'd add a ladder and some kind of pulley system to help get other people up, but last night she'd slept more soundly than she had since Mexico, up in the air where nothing could get to her.

This morning had involved a run to JGoB's for frosted cranberry scones slathered with creamy honey-butter and now she was wandering the warehouse, debating how much furniture she'd actually need to replace and where it would all go while waiting for Dante to show up with the hair dye.

Not a bad Monday, overall.

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Okay, her apartment was still kind of sagging and Eliot's house was still destroyed, and as nice as the crew had made up the warehouse they were staying in, Kathy still needed to get out sometimes. Have her own space that she could control. And while she had Dite's, sometimes she just didn't want that space to be filled with silicon dicks and dirty-themed candy.

So, today she was cleaning out the one other place she could sort of lay a claim to: Barry's old warehouse. It would serve as another bolt hole hideout place to stay if she needed it. And a place for Dante to dye her hair tomorrow. And just a good space to have in general.

But it needed a good cleaning; years of neglect followed by her own tantrum after Fandon's singing day had left it in shambles. So, earbuds in and music playing from her phone--no, seriously, where had her ipod gone?!--she was putting in a couple of hours trying to get this place into some kind of shape. A couple of duffel bags were tossed in a corner; a quick run out to the mainland had given her plenty supplies to stash around when she was done.
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Kathy hadn't meant to lie to Anders when she said that wouldn't be alone tonight. She'd had every intention of going back to the apartment, letting Raven yell at her for that bullshit note she'd left, and then spend the rest of the evening pass by in a Netflix binge, where she'd watch six episodes of a forgettable anime and only drag herself to bed when the sun came up.

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"Nobody knows," she whispered to herself. "Not even you. No one knows who I am...."

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