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Kathy...Kathy wasn't doing so well. She had a whole slew of reasons why she wasn't doing well, from her realization she remembered everything about being dead, to finding out Raven had killed her family, to her run-in with Ezra at the Coterie-run bar when she'd just wanted to drown her sorrows the old-fashioned way, it had been one thing after another after a-fucking-nother.

Which was why the phone call at ten pm found her putting the last touches on her makeup and hair for an evening out on the town. Her outfit left very little to the imagination and even less as protection to the elements, but she didn't care. Hell, that was the whole point. This was the third night she was in Boston and the third night of making questionable choices in the pursuit of getting her brain to shut down so she wouldn't have to think about any of the things she didn't want to think about. Sure, it was a weeknight in the dead of winter, but Boston was a college town. There were always people willing to party.

Though that didn't explain how Eliot knew what was going on. She listened to his message with a frown and immediately called him back. The only person who knew she was here was Ezra, so who'd gone to Eliot, carrying tales?

[Eliot's thread is chronologically first, but open to phone calls or that guy in Boston if he'd like! NFB for off-island shenanigans. Content warning for alcohol as a coping mechanism in the comments.]
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Kathy sat in the dark, the small circle of light from her desk lamp providing any illumination at all. It was, of course, trained on the mirror, as it had been since Thursday night, once Kathy realized that the daylight had faded enough to make it difficult to see the images that her mirror was showing her. She hadn't eaten since she'd found half a container of Tic Tacs in a drawer Friday evening. She hadn't drunk anything since she finished the contents of her water bottle yesterday afternoon. She hadn't slept in--well, who was keeping track of that? Kathy wasn't.

It's like pollen week all over again )

She wasn't hungry, even though her shirt was falling over gaunt shoulders too thin to keep the straps up. She wasn't thirsty, even though her mouth was dry and her lips were cracked. She wasn't tired, for all that the circles under her eyes were dark enough to look like bruises. Instead, with lips that tore and bled from the movement, Kathy was grinning in the dark.

Hours later, though, that smile stopped abruptly--the same time her mirror went dark. "What?" Kathy reached for her mirror with hands that shook. "No," she whimpered. "Please, don't! Please!" Was something wrong? Did she somehow break it? How was she supposed to know what was going to happen to her if she couldn't watch in the mirror?

She needed to talk to Mr. Gaunt. She needed to know what had happened. She needed to get to Needful Things.

[Mirror cut text is NFB, please! Many thanks to [livejournal.com profile] theheadkid, [livejournal.com profile] not_every_mage, [livejournal.com profile] smilestopscars, and [livejournal.com profile] gunslingerpose for letting my mod their boys for sexy illusory funtimes. PG-13 rating for material under the cut.]


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