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Kathy had spent her Memorial Day quietly, going into Baltimore to visit a tattoo parlor to get the ink she'd been mulling over for the past few weeks. Seven hashmarks on her left wrist, a circle with names written in Hangul on her right shoulder where there should have been a scar but wasn't. The feel of needles in her skin had been oddly soothing and she'd left the parlor feeling more settled than she'd entered.

Today she was paying for that a bit, with a bit of residual soreness in both arms (okay, maaaaybe she should have spread them out, but the hashmarks had been so little and quickly over). So she'd skipped her shift at Dite's and was hanging out on the couch, rubbing ointment on her new tattoos and watching TV. Something with an actual plot this time rather than mindless reality shows, so she was pretty sure it counted as improvement.

By...some metric anyway.
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